Zeytin 2017 Daily Schedule and Information

Caution: Daily schedule is subject to change anytime. 
(Ethnography module will most likely move to the mornings.)

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The Olive and Its Precious Oil 
Chemistry, Amherst and Keene State Colleges

Prof. Pat O'Hara and Prof. Rich Blatchly

Olive Value Chain 
Industrial Engineering, Boğaziçi University
Prof. Taner Bilgiç

Ethnography of Olive in Inecik 
Humanities, Işık University
Asst. Prof. Meltem Türköz

Perception, Creativity, Art, Learning
Art, Mimar Sinan University
Dr. Derya Ülker

Social Responsibility (Design Thinking vs Sociological Thinking) 
Sociology, Mimar Sinan University
Dr. Ebru Mocoş
Robert College Social Entrepreneurship Club
Aybike Oğuz

About Zeytin Okulu - An ecological contribution to the region, community and self.
Prof. Funda Barbaros
Economy, Ege University
Listen to National TRT radio interview - in Turkish

Discussions and Updates on the attempts to change "Zeytin Yasası"
Dr. Dilşen Oktay
Zeytindostu Derneği Board Member
İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi, Lecturer
Professional Tasting Expert
Olive and Olive Oil Producer


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