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Why an ignorant society?

I had the worst morale in a while this morning. I’m no longer allowed to access to BU library except for the duration of the summer school.  After much back and forth  I was advised to circumvent the problem by using someone else's password. Library director told me about how she (neither the rector) has any control on what can be done.

Apparently access to libraries (hence possibility of disseminating scholarly knowledge to society)  is becoming more more restricted. Until recently all graduates could have off campus access. Since 3 or 4 years, no longer so. She said that’s just one of many problems. For example Boğaziçi library couldn’t get 300 social science journals as a consequence of a political decision made by the president concerning official purchases to be done in Turkish currency only. Tubitak doesn't own archive copies of journals (through Ulakbim), they can be accessed only as long as each institution pays the fees. When not paid all access is gone.

I felt humiliat…