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Small university rankings

Koç and Sabancı make it to the top 20!

The Amazing Science of Olive Oil from Keene State

The Amazing Science of Olive OilJanuary 21, 2016 (l–r): Richard Blatchly, Patricia O'Hara, and Zeynep Nircan beside a 3,000-year-old olive tree in Crete that still produces olives. This story of a brilliant idea to make the olive the center of a liberal arts study, conceived by a professor from Turkey and taking root as a new Honors class at Keene State, actually starts at Amherst College, in Massachusetts. That’s where KSC Chemistry Professor Richard Blatchly’s wife, Patricia O’Hara (the Amanda and Lisa Cross Professor of Chemistry at Amherst) met Zeynep Delen Nircan, a visiting professor from Turkey. During her visit, Prof. Nircan became fascinated by the liberal arts approach to education, which is quite different from the Turkish approach. Go to this link to read the rest of the article!