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Seminar Notes: Scientific Agriculture for Anatolia

Scientific Agriculture  for Anatolia: American Efforts from Ottoman Turks through Cold War 
Sylvia Wing Önder 
ARIT Seminar 22/07/2015 Arnavutköy 

Wheat in Anatolia has existed and being farmed since
- Sumerians  : 10 000 years of agriculture
- Hitite Empire : Very important for trade and political power

The Little Ice Age ( c 1550-1850 )
This is when people had to move to higher altitudes and export goods from Americas for the first time because wheat and other crops were no longer growing at higher altitudes.
New Products: Corn, bean, tomato, vanilla ...

American Impact on Late Ottoman and Turkey

Anatolian Culture : mostly traditional knowledge passed between generations but is devalued by modern education.

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Ottoman Tax documents show : 
Monocropping was preferred by bureaucrats for ease of control and taxation
Multicropping was preferred by farmers to avoid disease, and taxation

1887 - 88 Famine 
American missionaries found themselves being more easily approached by fa…
Image 'da Zeytin 2013 yürütücüsü Ali Rana Atılgan'ın yazısı ...
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