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Science Mapping

This should be an interesting exhibition!

"Places & Spaces: Mapping
Science" exhibition between 29 June - 3 July

Maps of Science: Drawing Actionable Insights from Science and Technology Data

Katy Börner (Indiana University, USA; and Royal Netherlands Academy of
Arts and Sciences (KNAW), the Netherlands)
Boğaziçi University, Rectorate Hall, 29 June 2015, 14:30-15:30

Olive and Olive Oil Culture on both sides of the Aegean Seas

Evangelia Balta   @ YESAM 

Oil was used for industrial purposes such as soap, machine lubricant, hair cleaner … It was consumed as food only in the olive growing regions. 
Ottoman Registers in Mytillini
16th 17th centuries 
Museum of Olive in Mytillini Museum of Olive in Sparta in Greece 
Felix …  Consul of French State in Athens said Late 19th century presses were not much different than ancient times. 
Ports from which Olive oil was transported:  Smyrna Crete Ayvalık Edremit Cunda Urla etc Olive oil good quality, clean, without sediment, blended and cloudy olive oil would be sent back.
Ayvalık and Cunda
1803  60 000 donums.   25 oil mills producing 1 million occ. olive oil  exported to greece, macedonia, russia 

1903  80 000 donums?  15 million occas olive oil  900 000 olive trees 
Many groves were owned by monasteries.  
Rum refugees: Edremit altın kiremit. Bir taraftan bal akar, bir taraftan yağ akar. 
Olive country mid 18th century,  reached its peak at 19th century. 
Hacı M…