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Leader of Turkey's New Science Academy Speaks Out, Science Insider - Breaking news and analysis from the world of science policy by John Bohannon on June 25 2013.

Leader of Turkey's New Science Academy Speaks Out - ScienceInside

ISTANBUL—The rift is deepening between Turkey's academics and the conservative government ...  The government has mounted an aggressive legal campaign against academics who have criticized its policies, arresting several prominent scientists, including a physicist who attempted suicide in jail on 14 June.Q: What has been the impact of the protests on academia and research?M.A.: The problem is that all this is keeping our minds off our science....   Before the protests even began, there was long-term danger for fundamental science here. ... Although the overall budget for TÜBİTAK has expanded, the proportion for basic science has shrunk. 
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Elektronik: "Bunca yıllık eletronikçiyiz böyle direnç görmedik."

Felsefe: "Ay…

Polarization, Cubes and Conflicts

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 26, 2009 Aware Citizens The thing that scares me the most in Turkey is polarization. There are two extreme opposites and there seems to be little if any communication between the two.  
I walk on Bağdat street and there is Starbucks after Starbucks.... even the Turkish coffee shops look like Starbucks....Almost everyone has at some point been abroad. English is everywhere spoken and written. Everything that seems modern, rich and "cool" looks like it's from Europe or the US. Even the people ...There is a ton of pride... for being citizens of "modern" Turkey... And I think irritation... towards those who aren't "modern".  ...seeing the cubes from one side only. (added on June 22, 2013) 
Two streets down looks different. Small local pastry shop, locksmith, tailor shop... There isn't as much decoration. If there is it's definitely not professional... Definitely less money... consequently less waste. There is a ton of pride..…

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Open Access Reflections on Taksim published by Journal of Global Faultlines 2013

''The essays here do not constitute a unified perspective on what happened (and why) in late May-June 2013 in Turkey, and the government’s response to it. They are perhaps most usefully read as an experiment in writing contemporary history as it evolves''

(Listenin başı
31 - BEKİR ÇOŞKUN:ı-bekir-coşkun-yazdıpostal/155651374491999 30 - Hürriyet : 29- BBC:


27- GUARDIAN: http://www.…

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This is really Funny! 

New Musical Instruments:

Story Telling:
diren gezi from chapulling film on Vimeo.
New Vocabulary: ChapullingFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Çapullamanın İngilizcesi “chapulling” Almancası ise “tschapulieren” ya da “schapulieren” İspanyolca da “el chapulo” via Cemre Akin

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Final question by ODTÜ professor What is the chemistry behind the healing effect of liquid antacid (magnesium and calcium hydroxide) to the pepper sprays(capcaisin)?
a. by lowering the pH, it decrease the effect of capcaisin.
b. by increasing the pH, it decrease the effect of capcaisin.
c. calcium and magnesium ions decrease the effect of capcaisine
d. ıt helps the stomach only.
e. her yer taksim, her yer direniş?



Dear students,

I hope all of you are safe, especially those of you who walked to Besiktas yesterday.

To those of you who ask me if there will be a make-up, please don't worry about the final.

By the end of this week, I will send you 3 questions concerning the present situation and will ask you to write one paragraph on one of those questions and s…